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Include VHF Spots (50 Mhz and Above)

DX de K5TER7013.0 E7/KU1CW E7 0710ZTX
DX de N6JV3519.0 LU7YS LU 0710ZCA
DX de W1BBQ7059.1 UA2FZ UA2 0710ZMA
DX de K1RV7019.5 OK3CCWOK 0710ZMA
DX de K2WK3507.6 F5PLCCWF 0710ZVA
DX de K1RV7018.8 HG5DCWHA 0709ZMA
DX de KE8M1827.0 KH7Barrl dxKH6 0708ZOH
DX de K1RV7016.8 IK5ZWUCWI 0708ZMA
DX de K1RV7014.5 LX1NOCWLX 0707ZMA
DX de KE8M1837.7 VP2MSSarrl dxVP2M 0707ZOH
DX de K4YYL7028.2 JA0QNJCWJA 0707ZSC
DX de W1BBQ7051.4 IK3ORD I 0707ZMA
DX de K1RV7015.0 DA0AACWDL 0707ZMA
DX de KE8M1833.7 PJ4Aarrl dxPJ4 0706ZOH
DX de K1RV7012.9 E7/KU1CWCWE7 0706ZMA
DX de K1RV7013.4 HG5CCWHA 0706ZMA
DX de W1BBQ7050.1 SP4Z SP 0705ZMA
DX de AD1L7037.3 SP3GEM SP 0705ZMA
DX de K1RV7008.9 F5INCWF 0704ZMA
DX de K1RV7008.6 CR3DXCWCT3 0704ZMA
DX de K4YYL7022.5 IR4XCWI 0704ZSC
DX de K1RV7003.8 DK3YDCWDL 0703ZMA
DX de W1BBQ7048.2 KP2M KP2 0703ZMA


WWV de W0MU<0600Z> SFI=69,A=12,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0300Z> SFI=69,A=12,K=4,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0000Z> SFI=69,A=12,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms


Please switch and start using logging software telnet connections. Telnet to '' and login with your callsign. See connection details below and ARC6 cluster manual below. CW and RTTY Skimmer Server Spots only available via NC7J telnet connections.

 Configure logging software or telnet clients to connect to: for direct connections.
On-Line Manual: ARC6 Telnet Commands - User Manual (Telnet Interface and CW Skimmer Spots)

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