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DX de KC4X14038.9 OK5ZCWOK 11/28/2021 2008ZNC
DX de KB8KMH14038.9 OK5Z OK 11/28/2021 2008ZWV
DX de W7SW14048.4 IR4MCWI 11/28/2021 2008ZAZ
DX de N4IQ28033.4 NH7T KH6 11/28/2021 2008ZSC
DX de NW3Y7024.8 TC0FCWTA 11/28/2021 2008ZDE
DX de AA1K28024.8 KL7RACWKL 11/28/2021 2008ZDE
DX de W4JVN21028.8 KH6LCCWKH6 11/28/2021 2008ZVA
DX de VE2HEW7057.6 NB1NWW CWK 11/28/2021 2008ZQC
DX de K6RC21043.1 HI3YCWHI 11/28/2021 2008ZCA
DX de NI0K28018.0 PR5B PY 11/28/2021 2008ZMN
DX de WA8ZBT14002.4 KQ2MCQ WWK 11/28/2021 2007ZTX
DX de WN6W21063.9 HC2AOCWHC 11/28/2021 2007ZOR
DX de WC3O21024.0 LU8QTCWLU 11/28/2021 2007ZPA
DX de W7SW14045.5 DD2DCWDL 11/28/2021 2007ZAZ
DX de NJ3I14097.6 V48A V4 11/28/2021 2007ZPA
DX de N2ADC7064.5 YU7WWCWYU 11/28/2021 2007ZNY
DX de W2RD7049.0 EA5KMCWEA 11/28/2021 2007ZNJ
DX de K2TER14060.4 V26KCWV2 11/28/2021 2007ZNY
DX de W3LPL-314018.0 VP9IHeard in NC and OHVP9 11/28/2021 2007ZMD
DX de WB2ZAB14025.9 3B8M 3B8 11/28/2021 2007ZMD
DX de K6RC21039.4 NP4ZCWKP4 11/28/2021 2007ZCA
DX de W1IE14110.9 VO2ACCWVE 11/28/2021 2007ZVA
DX de KB8KMH14070.2 RN1ON UA 11/28/2021 2007ZWV
DX de N5KB14307.0 NT5PHUSBK 11/28/2021 2006ZIA
DX de W3LPL-321046.0 CR2XHeard in IACU 11/28/2021 2006ZMD
DX de N8LR14070.2 RN1ON UA 11/28/2021 2006ZMI
DX de WI6X21025.0 HK6JCQWWHK 11/28/2021 2006ZCA
DX de W5ZO14071.3 PA3HENCWPA 11/28/2021 2006ZTX
DX de W4EE21064.8 VE6SVCQWW 4VE 11/28/2021 2006ZFL
DX de AD6E14012.6 IO6A I 11/28/2021 2006ZCA
DX de N1PGA1810.0 DF0HQ DL 11/28/2021 2006ZMA
DX de NQ2F14030.4 9A3JB 9A 11/28/2021 2006ZNY
DX de W3LPL-37041.2 9K2NOHeard in MD9K 11/28/2021 2006ZMD
DX de W1IE14109.3 ZF1ACWZF 11/28/2021 2006ZVA
DX de NQ2F14048.4 IR4M I 11/28/2021 2005ZNY


WWV de VE7CC<1800Z> SFI=92,A=5,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0300Z> SFI=92,A=5,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=92,A=5,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms


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