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DX de N4WRO-1014333.0 K9ZIEPOTA K-4297 - WIK 8/17/2022 0039ZSC
DX de KQ0J-110136.0 5B4AHL 5B 8/17/2022 0039ZFL
DX de KC0DWZ7238.0 KD3D K 8/17/2022 0038ZMN
DX de N4WRO-1014328.0 HI8PAPPOTA HI-0122HI 8/17/2022 0036ZSC
DX de KC1CAB18150.0 HP1GDSFN31<>FJ09GBHP 8/17/2022 0035ZCT
DX de VA2SS14059.0 N0HRPOTA K-2281K 8/17/2022 0034ZQC
DX de NE6I18100.0 7Q7EMH 7Q 8/17/2022 0032ZCA
DX de VA2SS14043.0 K4NYMPOTA K-6309K 8/17/2022 0031ZQC
DX de AB8DS7238.0 KD3DPOTA K-8784K 8/17/2022 0031ZMI
DX de VE3LBU14075.2 KE0SRLMO JacksonK 8/17/2022 0030ZON
DX de N3SAY7238.0 KD3Dpota k-8784K 8/17/2022 0029ZPA
DX de KI4P7245.0 KC4BBLSB EM74hs -> EM64kvK 8/17/2022 0027ZGA
DX de KC0DWZ14240.0 ZF2PG ZF 8/17/2022 0027ZMN
DX de W0RIC-1014260.0 8R1AK/PCQ North America8R 8/17/2022 0026ZAZ
DX de W3LPL-310118.0 WP4FHeard in NC and NHKP4 8/17/2022 0024ZMD
DX de KQ0J-121074.0 JE1LFX JA 8/17/2022 0024ZFL
DX de KQ0J-121074.0 OA4DVG OA 8/17/2022 0023ZFL
DX de VA2SS7118.0 KA8ONWPOTA K-6715K 8/17/2022 0023ZQC
DX de KC2OSR14260.0 8R1AK 8R 8/17/2022 0023ZNJ
DX de KQ0J-121074.0 D2UY D2 8/17/2022 0023ZFL
DX de VA2SS7044.0 WG8XPOTA K-5435K 8/17/2022 0019ZQC
DX de WZ1V222125.0 WA3EOQFM09>FN31K 8/17/2022 0017ZCT
DX de W4CMG7025.8 F6HKACWF 8/17/2022 0017ZTN
DX de W8BBK14260.0 8R1AK73 -8R 8/17/2022 0016ZMI
DX de N4WRO-107245.0 KC4BBPOTA K-3681 - AL Roll Tide!K 8/17/2022 0015ZSC
DX de NE6I24915.0 V31MAFB signal on FT8V3 8/17/2022 0015ZCA
DX de WB6MKJ14265.0 N7CLoTW Code Talkers SESK 8/17/2022 0014ZAZ
DX de W8BBK14260.0 8R1AK 8R 8/17/2022 0013ZMI
DX de K3GWK14265.0 N7CCode Talkers SESK 8/17/2022 0013ZGA
DX de AF1US18136.0 W7JIF K 8/17/2022 0012ZTN
DX de W7ONY24915.0 XE1ZTWCN85 to EK09XE 8/17/2022 0011ZOR
DX de VA3WP7074.0 KD4MZMK-1878K 8/17/2022 0011ZON
DX de WA6PPX14235.0 CE3QY CE 8/17/2022 0011ZCA
DX de W3HDH14227.0 S51DX S5 8/17/2022 0009ZIL
DX de N4WRO-107213.0 AA4KKPOTA K-5022K 8/17/2022 0006ZSC


WWV de VE7CC<0000Z> SFI=129,A=5,K=2,Moderate w/R2 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de W0MU<2100Z> SFI=129,A=5,K=0,Moderate w/R2 -> Minor w/G1
WWV de W0MU<1800Z> SFI=131,A=6,K=1,Moderate w/R2 -> Minor w/G1


Please switch and start using logging software telnet connections. Telnet to '' (port 7373) and login with your callsign. See connection details below and ARC6 cluster manual below. Skimmer Server Spots only available via NC7J telnet connections.

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On-Line Manual: ARC6 Telnet Commands - User Manual (Telnet Interface and CW Skimmer Spots)

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