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DX de KC8YJJ3574.3 PU2UAF PY 6/25/2021 0902ZOH
DX de W3LPL-310105.0 GW0TAUHeard in NHGW 6/25/2021 0849ZMD
DX de NA4DA7074.6 KL7NC KL 6/25/2021 0806ZFL
DX de W3LPL-314032.0 C31USHeard in PAC3 6/25/2021 0634ZMD
DX de KO4ISG14249.0 F6ARCEM95JE<>JN08UN 59 in carolinasF 6/25/2021 0631ZNC
DX de W3LPL-314021.0 EA9ABNHeard in MAEA9 6/25/2021 0626ZMD
DX de K6RC14249.0 DL1DX DL 6/25/2021 0625ZCA
DX de K6RC14249.0 F4HEC F 6/25/2021 0624ZCA
DX de K6FA14018.0 G4RCGTNX QSO nice sigG 6/25/2021 0624ZCA
DX de KO4ISG14232.0 DL1DGSEM95JE<>JO41BN 58 RECEIVEDL 6/25/2021 0624ZNC
DX de KU1CW14226.0 E51JDUSBE5/s 6/25/2021 0622ZWA
DX de K6RC14249.0 F6ARC F 6/25/2021 0619ZCA
DX de K6RC14242.9 IZ1RZO I 6/25/2021 0615ZCA
DX de K6RC14228.0 LA7EU LA 6/25/2021 0612ZCA
DX de K6FA14013.0 EA2KVcqEA 6/25/2021 0559ZCA
DX de K6RC14010.0 M0UNN G 6/25/2021 0545ZCA
DX de K6RC14012.0 HA8QZ HA 6/25/2021 0543ZCA
DX de KO4ISG14260.0 YL2BJEM95JE<>KO27RX 5-7 copyYL 6/25/2021 0543ZNC
DX de W2TT14074.5 UA3DLL UA 6/25/2021 0534ZNJ
DX de K6WM14010.0 M0UNN57-8 calling CQG 6/25/2021 0533ZCA
DX de W2TT14074.5 UA1ANR UA 6/25/2021 0532ZNJ
DX de KO4ISG14246.0 VK4KAEM95JE<>QG62LV 5-7 RECEIVEVK 6/25/2021 0531ZNC
DX de W9CY14183.0 VK1TX VK 6/25/2021 0530ZIL
DX de W2TT14074.5 OH5MNJ OH 6/25/2021 0528ZNJ
DX de K5PAR7153.9 EA3BOX EA 6/25/2021 0528ZTX
DX de W9CY14183.0 VK4RE VK 6/25/2021 0526ZIL
DX de K5PAR14204.1 FK4QX FK 6/25/2021 0522ZTX
DX de KW7Y7153.9 EA3BOX EA 6/25/2021 0520ZWA
DX de W2TT14074.5 R3MAJ UA 6/25/2021 0520ZNJ
DX de WB9DLC14027.9 YL2BJVil CQYL 6/25/2021 0519ZIN
DX de W3LPL-310105.0 EA6BBHeard in NHEA6 6/25/2021 0518ZMD
DX de KU1CW14262.0 SM5CAKUSBSM 6/25/2021 0518ZWA
DX de W2TT14074.5 R1AV UA 6/25/2021 0517ZNJ
DX de W6SW14204.1 FK4QXPhilippeFK 6/25/2021 0516ZCA
DX de WB9DLC14026.1 SM1ALHEricSM 6/25/2021 0514ZIN


WWV de VE7CC<0900Z> SFI=81,A=5,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0600Z> SFI=81,A=5,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0300Z> SFI=81,A=5,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms


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