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DX de N5XZ28048.0 KM1Z K 12/10/2022 0445ZTX
DX de N5TJ28041.5 KC4TEOALK 12/10/2022 0445ZTX
DX de N8ACP28435.6 NX5MUSBK 12/10/2022 0444ZOH
DX de NQ5M28065.0 W4DANTNK 12/10/2022 0444ZOK
DX de KF7U28009.0 N7KU K 12/10/2022 0444ZAZ
DX de KD9OIN28050.5 N4OXARRL 10 Meter Contes CWK 12/10/2022 0444ZIL
DX de N4EEB28026.3 N7XSCWK 12/10/2022 0443ZFL
DX de AF5J28055.3 N0HJZMN CWK 12/10/2022 0443ZTX
DX de N4EEB28044.1 WD0TCWK 12/10/2022 0442ZFL
DX de NR4A7009.1 HA8QZCW EL88rl -> KN06qrHA 12/10/2022 0441ZFL
DX de N5XZ28041.8 N5YT K 12/10/2022 0441ZTX
DX de KD9V1807.0 WA5AMM070 Sprint EM84 from EM69 1200K 12/10/2022 0440ZIN
DX de N5XZ28032.0 KW9E K 12/10/2022 0440ZTX
DX de KD9OIN28041.7 N5YT K 12/10/2022 0440ZIL
DX de KA6BIM28035.4 K5LGARK 12/10/2022 0439ZOR
DX de N2KW28032.5 K5PI K 12/10/2022 0438ZNY
DX de WN6W28009.0 N7KUCW AZK 12/10/2022 0438ZOR
DX de KD9OIN28027.0 N4II K 12/10/2022 0438ZIL
DX de K2MO7009.1 HA8QZCW FN30jv -> KN06qrHA 12/10/2022 0437ZNY
DX de K3DNE28399.9 K6AM K 12/10/2022 0437ZSC
DX de KB4TLH-728474.9 NX5M K 12/10/2022 0436ZOH
DX de AF5J28046.8 W9XTWI CWK 12/10/2022 0436ZTX
DX de N0XR28381.8 W4DD K 12/10/2022 0436ZIA
DX de WW4ZZ28477.0 WQ5TCQ ContestK 12/10/2022 0436ZNC
DX de N0XR28392.0 KC5DI K 12/10/2022 0436ZIA
DX de WY7JMS28389.9 KE6GFI K 12/10/2022 0435ZWA
DX de VE3LMP14235.0 VK2GGC VK 12/10/2022 0435ZON
DX de WM6Y28006.3 NO6TCWK 12/10/2022 0435ZCA
DX de N0XR28402.4 N8OO K 12/10/2022 0435ZIA
DX de K6RE28388.0 K0KECM98AI<>DM79PMK 12/10/2022 0434ZCA
DX de N0XR28445.3 K5TR K 12/10/2022 0432ZIA
DX de N9NA28050.0 N5TJ K 12/10/2022 0432ZAZ
DX de K4WMS28474.9 AG5Z K 12/10/2022 0432ZVA
DX de N0XR28470.0 ND7K K 12/10/2022 0431ZIA
DX de K4WMS28477.0 W5QT K 12/10/2022 0430ZVA


WWV de W0MU<0300Z> SFI=149,A=11,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0000Z> SFI=149,A=11,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de AE5E<2100Z> SFI=149,A=11,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms


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On-Line Manual: ARC6 Telnet Commands - User Manual (Telnet Interface and CW Skimmer Spots)

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