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DX de N5YYF14080.0 OE8DDXFT4 DM65pd -> JN76jvOE 5/30/2024 0552ZNM
DX de W9DBO14292.0 AN42CAExcellent!EA 5/30/2024 0548ZIL
DX de K7BWC18100.2 UT6UA UR 5/30/2024 0546ZUT
DX de N6YYO-914227.0 EA3BOXStrong in SoCalEA 5/30/2024 0546ZCA
DX de K7BWC18100.2 HB9CXZ HB 5/30/2024 0544ZUT
DX de K7BWC18100.3 LX1HD LX 5/30/2024 0538ZUT
DX de K7BWC18100.3 ON7PS ON 5/30/2024 0537ZUT
DX de K7BWC18100.3 F5LOW F 5/30/2024 0535ZUT
DX de WY6K18102.8 DL9ZAL DL 5/30/2024 0532ZTX
DX de K4ITA-114220.0 HP1XVCiao from South FloridaHP 5/30/2024 0530ZFL
DX de K6AVB14227.0 EA3BHX EA 5/30/2024 0530ZCA
DX de K4ITA-114247.8 YL2BJCiao from South FloridaYL 5/30/2024 0525ZFL
DX de K7BWC18100.3 R7CD UA 5/30/2024 0524ZUT
DX de W6GAE14194.0 S57S S5 5/30/2024 0524ZCA
DX de K6AVB14332.0 VK2CQ VK 5/30/2024 0519ZCA
DX de W8NWG14267.0 IK4GRO I 5/30/2024 0519ZIL
DX de WY6K18102.8 EA5ASQ EA 5/30/2024 0519ZTX
DX de K4ITA-114250.1 TM80BONCiao from South FloridaF 5/30/2024 0518ZFL
DX de W1VBX14250.0 TM80BON F 5/30/2024 0517ZME
DX de W3LPL-318080.0 RT2FHeard in VA and PAUA2 5/30/2024 0511ZMD
DX de KW4CK14167.0 VK2GJC VK 5/30/2024 0509ZNC
DX de W3LPL-310118.0 RT2FHeard in MDUA2 5/30/2024 0508ZMD
DX de K4ITA-114263.0 IU5KZUCiao from South FloridaI 5/30/2024 0507ZFL
DX de AJ4EN14250.0 TM80BON5/9+F 5/30/2024 0507ZSC
DX de K4ITA-114263.0 IZ5MJSCiao from South FloridaI 5/30/2024 0506ZFL
DX de K0ZR14004.9 UZ5DM UR 5/30/2024 0503ZVA
DX de WI6X14007.0 M0BZHCWG 5/30/2024 0502ZCA
DX de AJ4EN14243.0 OE8DDX5/9OE 5/30/2024 0500ZSC
DX de W3LPL-318078.0 EA6BBHeard in PAEA6 5/30/2024 0500ZMD
DX de W6LG14227.0 EA3BOXstrong in N CAEA 5/30/2024 0459ZCA
DX de AJ4EN14240.0 SP0SRMW5/9 qsbSP 5/30/2024 0459ZSC
DX de WY6K18102.8 VK3TZT VK 5/30/2024 0458ZTX
DX de WI6X14010.0 VE7WDCWVE 5/30/2024 0457ZCA
DX de W1VBX21285.0 AN42CA EA 5/30/2024 0456ZME
DX de W3LPL-310109.0 EA6BBHeard in NHEA6 5/30/2024 0455ZMD


WWV de W0MU<0300Z> SFI=171,A=6,K=1,Strong w/R3 -> Moderate w/R2
WWV de AE5E<0000Z> SFI=171,A=6,K=2,Strong w/R3 -> Moderate w/R2
WWV de W0MU<2100Z> SFI=171,A=9,K=2,Strong w/R3 -> Moderate w/R2


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