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DX de N5LOW14050.5 WA7IIC559 in houston txK 4/20/2024 1627ZTX
DX de NN2D21034.0 EB7KA EA 4/20/2024 1627ZNJ
DX de W3LPL-328021.2 Z36WHeard in ILZ3 4/20/2024 1627ZMD
DX de WA4RH24921.1 OE6JFG OE 4/20/2024 1627ZNC
DX de W1LIM21340.0 9A3B55 to Maine9A 4/20/2024 1626ZME
DX de N1OLA28180.0 AO75CVFT4 -06dB 1288HzEA 4/20/2024 1626ZVT
DX de NE9U7181.0 NE9U/GOGEmiqpK 4/20/2024 1626ZWI
DX de N2RC28476.0 AO75EX EA 4/20/2024 1626ZNY
DX de AA0AW7052.5 N8LJCWK 4/20/2024 1626ZMN
DX de NQ4J21020.8 OH1NACQMM EUOH 4/20/2024 1625ZVA
DX de WA4RH24921.2 UT4XU UR 4/20/2024 1625ZNC
DX de K4QQG14287.0 W8JJMI QSO Party: GeneseeK 4/20/2024 1625ZSC
DX de NE5A21009.7 HA3DXCWHA 4/20/2024 1624ZOK
DX de KR4EE14259.0 NE1PLSES USS MASSK 4/20/2024 1624ZTN
DX de NN2D21023.7 HA8A HA 4/20/2024 1624ZNJ
DX de W5LA14059.0 N5LLA Purch SE CWK 4/20/2024 1624ZLA
DX de NN4RB28055.0 UT7XXCWUR 4/20/2024 1624ZVA
DX de W3LPL-328035.4 ZD7BGHeard in PAZD7 4/20/2024 1624ZMD
DX de WA4RH24920.5 SM2DIR SM 4/20/2024 1624ZNC
DX de NQ4J21022.0 OH2KWCQMM EUMOH 4/20/2024 1624ZVA
DX de W3LPL-328012.8 LX1NOHeard in PALX 4/20/2024 1624ZMD
DX de NQ4J21023.7 HA8ACQMM EUMHA 4/20/2024 1624ZVA
DX de K5ZG14287.0 W8JJMI QSO Party: GeneseeK 4/20/2024 1623ZCO
DX de VE3EP24919.0 2E0LBYFT4 -01dB from IO91 1994HzG 4/20/2024 1623ZON
DX de VE3HZ7224.9 N8MGLSBK 4/20/2024 1623ZON
DX de NQ4J21025.1 RM1TCQMM EUUA 4/20/2024 1623ZVA
DX de NN4SS28475.0 KB4QCEPOTA US-9228K 4/20/2024 1623ZSC
DX de WA4RH24920.5 OE6JFG OE 4/20/2024 1623ZNC
DX de KB1TEE14259.0 NE1PLUSS Mass Spec Event D Day BuilK 4/20/2024 1623ZMA
DX de WY6K21075.8 GU0SUP GU 4/20/2024 1622ZTX
DX de WA8RD21300.0 OM2VL OM 4/20/2024 1622ZMI
DX de K4CAE14235.0 KC5WKLUS-3059K 4/20/2024 1622ZSC
DX de W3LPL-321015.3 UN7LANHeard in MDUN 4/20/2024 1622ZMD
DX de NE9U14256.0 NE9U/GOGEmiqpK 4/20/2024 1622ZWI
DX de NE5A21034.0 EB7KACWEA 4/20/2024 1622ZOK


WWV de AE5E<1500Z> SFI=213,A=41,K=2,Strong w/G3 -> Minor w/R1
WWV de VA6AAA<1200Z> SFI=213,A=41,K=3,Strong w/G3 R1 -> Minor w/R1
WWV de AE5E<0900Z> SFI=213,A=41,K=3,Strong w/G3 R1 -> Minor w/R1


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