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DX de K2YYD18100.7 2E0SMX G 8/2/2021 1747ZNY
DX de W3ON18101.2 IS0KNG IS 8/2/2021 1737ZPA
DX de W7DO14074.0 XE1ACAFT8 -05dB from EK09 2710HzXE 8/2/2021 1736ZSC
DX de W3ON18101.2 MI7CDL GI 8/2/2021 1732ZPA
DX de W3ON18101.2 EV1P EU 8/2/2021 1725ZPA
DX de KJ6TOA-114207.0 M0ZNK59 Ty for QSOG 8/2/2021 1725ZCA
DX de W3LPL-321042.4 ZD7BGHeard in KYZD7 8/2/2021 1722ZMD
DX de KM6YSS14264.0 ON7OFF ON 8/2/2021 1717ZID
DX de K5MGB14081.7 KP4ZZ KP4 8/2/2021 1717ZTX
DX de KB5KYX18100.0 PC20SAIL PA 8/2/2021 1712ZTX
DX de W3LPL-321025.0 9K2MUHeard in NH9K 8/2/2021 1704ZMD
DX de W7DO14074.0 HB9PLHFT8 -05dB from JN47 2755HzHB 8/2/2021 1704ZSC
DX de WA5TXY21074.7 PJ4NX PJ4 8/2/2021 1703ZTX
DX de W3ON18101.2 DL6MGR DL 8/2/2021 1703ZPA
DX de N5MKY14262.0 WB5WAJLA St. K-2362 54/MIK 8/2/2021 1702ZMI
DX de W3ON18101.2 OE21FTDMC OE 8/2/2021 1701ZPA
DX de VE7SNC18157.5 XE1DJL XE 8/2/2021 1658ZBC
DX de N7US18091.0 AD5ACWK 8/2/2021 1658ZIL
DX de VA3OK14207.0 M0ZNK G 8/2/2021 1658ZON
DX de W6LEN14063.0 WA3GMKFF-4362K 8/2/2021 1657ZCA
DX de W3ON18101.2 LZ2KV LZ 8/2/2021 1654ZPA
DX de N2CG-718100.0 IZ2RLOFT8 JN55 FN20 NJ +03I 8/2/2021 1652ZNJ
DX de N4JKO18100.7 F4DIA F 8/2/2021 1652ZKY
DX de N5MKY14284.0 K2LEDNY K-2157 57/MIK 8/2/2021 1651ZMI
DX de VE7XFA14074.0 K8UMFFT8 -09dB 2151HzK 8/2/2021 1649ZBC
DX de VE7CT14008.0 EW7LOcq cqEU 8/2/2021 1649ZBC
DX de K4NAU14239.0 S57DX S5 8/2/2021 1648ZSC
DX de N6DHZ14254.0 VE2GTPOTA VE-5040VE 8/2/2021 1647ZAZ
DX de VE7XFA14076.3 V31MAFT8 -05dB from EK58V3 8/2/2021 1642ZBC
DX de W3ON18101.2 MW0CSO GW 8/2/2021 1642ZPA
DX de W6LEN14043.5 NG5EKFF-2987K 8/2/2021 1641ZCA
DX de VE2PIJ14254.0 VE2GTQCPOTA qc179VE 8/2/2021 1635ZQC
DX de K1ENW14163.0 W7SVIncredible audio S9+ in MichK 8/2/2021 1634ZMI
DX de K7TAR-1018100.0 A91FTDMCFT8 -10db into Ohio but no RXA9 8/2/2021 1628ZOH
DX de KB5KYX18100.0 IK2XDF I 8/2/2021 1626ZTX


WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=75,A=4,K=3,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de VA6AAA<1200Z> SFI=75,A=4,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<0900Z> SFI=75,A=4,K=0,No Storms -> No Storms


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