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DX de KD2SXD10117.0 NR4ACW Tnk for QSO 73K 5/20/2022 1942ZFL
DX de WS5ADV-614241.5 WM9XPOTA K-5783K 5/20/2022 1942ZOK
DX de W5FYR14328.0 W3BAY K 5/20/2022 1941ZAR
DX de KI5IO14027.5 K4DIOTA NA-085K 5/20/2022 1940ZTX
DX de N3DXX14014.9 CT7/PA3GCU CT 5/20/2022 1939ZDE
DX de KC1HXX14238.0 EA3JELooking for W7 callsEA 5/20/2022 1939ZME
DX de KI5IO14027.5 K4Diota na-085K 5/20/2022 1938ZTX
DX de K6MKF21074.0 TA2IJ-12 into NorCalTA 5/20/2022 1937ZCA
DX de WS5ADV-614312.0 K1KLPOTA K-2669K 5/20/2022 1937ZOK
DX de W3LPL-318076.9 9Z4YHeard in KS9Y 5/20/2022 1935ZMD
DX de WS5ADV-614315.0 K7TMMPOTA K-2245K 5/20/2022 1935ZOK
DX de NA4DA14270.0 VB3EMS VE 5/20/2022 1934ZFL
DX de WA2NDV-821075.6 5Z4VJ-09 in FN305Z 5/20/2022 1934ZNY
DX de N6YJ21075.1 EH40URV EA 5/20/2022 1933ZCA
DX de WB2WFJ14026.3 HB9CVQ HB 5/20/2022 1933ZVT
DX de WS5ADV-614328.0 W3BAYPOTA K-6383K 5/20/2022 1931ZOK
DX de WS5ADV-614338.0 K7NOJPOTA K-0760K 5/20/2022 1929ZOK
DX de K4TR18100.0 SP6AZM SP 5/20/2022 1928ZFL
DX de K6FA-1421074.0 2I0PBM GI 5/20/2022 1927ZCA
DX de WS5ADV-614262.0 VE3KZEPOTA VE-0128VE 5/20/2022 1927ZOK
DX de W3LPL-321054.0 OX3XRHeard in AZOX 5/20/2022 1923ZMD
DX de W3LPL-318085.6 OX3XRHeard in MDOX 5/20/2022 1923ZMD
DX de K6FA-1428074.0 J69BB J6 5/20/2022 1918ZCA
DX de VE3NJC14017.0 OX3XR OX 5/20/2022 1917ZON
DX de VE3NJC18074.0 NT4G K 5/20/2022 1915ZON
DX de VE3NJC18080.9 DF7TV DL 5/20/2022 1914ZON
DX de W3LPL-310113.0 GD0OUDHeard in NHGD 5/20/2022 1913ZMD
DX de VE3NJC18084.0 G0SDD G 5/20/2022 1913ZON
DX de NW3Y14210.0 SB6Atnx PierreSM 5/20/2022 1913ZDE
DX de VE3NJC18079.0 HB9CVQ HB 5/20/2022 1912ZON
DX de KG5SFT14310.0 K5ORAPOTA K-3033K 5/20/2022 1910ZTX
DX de N2CG-718100.0 M0IRUFT8 JO01 FN20 NJ +10G 5/20/2022 1910ZNJ
DX de N2CG-718100.0 G0JEIFT8 IO83 FN20 NJ -04G 5/20/2022 1907ZNJ
DX de W1FNB18101.4 ES2AJ ES 5/20/2022 1903ZVT
DX de W3LPL-318072.1 JY5HXHeard in KSJY 5/20/2022 1854ZMD


WWV de VE7CC<1800Z> SFI=173,A=10,K=3,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<1500Z> SFI=173,A=10,K=2,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms
WWV de VE7CC<1200Z> SFI=173,A=10,K=3,Minor w/R1 -> No Storms


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