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DX de K3JSJ7238.0 W9WWILewis & Clark Special Event StK 6/6/2023 0208ZMD
DX de N8JG-1314340.0 KE7NLUPOTA K2556 MTK 6/6/2023 0207ZMI
DX de N8JG-1314340.0 KK7CJVPTOA K2556K 6/6/2023 0206ZMI
DX de WA4TED14165.0 IS0HMZ IS 6/6/2023 0206ZTN
DX de K4WMS14185.0 GB1DDL G 6/6/2023 0205ZVA
DX de WI4L7050.0 KD8BBKPOTAK 6/6/2023 0205ZGA
DX de WI9WIS14074.0 8P6PD 8P 6/6/2023 0204ZWI
DX de WE4E14190.0 CT3IQ CT3 6/6/2023 0203ZTN
DX de KO4O14013.0 HA8WZCWHA 6/6/2023 0203ZAL
DX de WA4TED14236.0 K0AJWspecial eventK 6/6/2023 0202ZTN
DX de W8FJ14025.1 SA6G/7 SM 6/6/2023 0201ZPA
DX de N6YJ10141.1 VA1BIL VE 6/6/2023 0201ZCA
DX de N4WQH21075.1 VK4TDW VK 6/6/2023 0200ZVA
DX de K3JSJ7074.6 VA2OT VE 6/6/2023 0159ZMD
DX de KB1JDY14185.0 GB1DDL59 Ct SES D-DAY ANNIVG 6/6/2023 0159ZCT
DX de KD4BWM14165.0 IS0HMZ IS 6/6/2023 0159ZAL
DX de N6OKU14190.0 CT3IQ59 in CACT3 6/6/2023 0157ZCA
DX de N8JG-1314200.0 K9ZE K 6/6/2023 0157ZMI
DX de VA3IR14185.0 GB1DDL G 6/6/2023 0157ZON
DX de N4WQH21074.9 T31TT T31 6/6/2023 0155ZVA
DX de N9NA14022.2 N4T/45 K 6/6/2023 0155ZAZ
DX de KC9FFV24915.0 T31TTFT8T31 6/6/2023 0155ZTX
DX de VE7SNC14185.0 GB1DDL G 6/6/2023 0154ZBC
DX de N6YJ10141.1 EA8TL EA8 6/6/2023 0154ZCA
DX de WB8VLC28227.9 ZL3TEN/BCN84LV<>RE66BJ 539 qsbZL 6/6/2023 0153ZOR
DX de WA4TED14190.0 CT3IQThank you for the QSO 73sCT3 6/6/2023 0152ZTN
DX de W3LPL-37020.0 TA1NDAHeard in MDTA 6/6/2023 0150ZMD
DX de NC3O14074.8 UA6FM UA 6/6/2023 0149ZPA
DX de W5GZ14165.0 IS0HMZLucaIS 6/6/2023 0147ZNM
DX de N4WQH24915.9 T31TT T31 6/6/2023 0147ZVA
DX de NC3O14074.8 R7BI UA 6/6/2023 0147ZPA
DX de KU4YW14165.0 IS0HMZ IS 6/6/2023 0147ZVA
DX de W3LPL-37008.0 TA1NDAHeard in NHTA 6/6/2023 0147ZMD
DX de KC0UJC14277.0 K7IDLCTOTA 2023K 6/6/2023 0146ZIA
DX de K2CD14185.0 GB1DDL79th Anniv D-Day LandingG 6/6/2023 0146ZPA


WWV de W0MU<0000Z> SFI=169,A=5,K=2,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<2100Z> SFI=169,A=6,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms
WWV de W0MU<1800Z> SFI=168,A=10,K=1,No Storms -> No Storms


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