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DX de W3LPL-310116.9 GD0OUDHeard in MDGD 12/10/2023 0937ZMD
DX de W3LPL-37026.0 T6EUHeard in ABYA 12/10/2023 0936ZMD
DX de W3LPL-314021.0 GD0OUDHeard in ABGD 12/10/2023 0922ZMD
DX de KK5BS3574.3 KW3DX K 12/10/2023 0910ZLA
DX de VA3IWA28431.3 T77LAARRLT7 12/10/2023 0857ZON
DX de KK5BS3574.5 KB6C K 12/10/2023 0851ZLA
DX de K0TF7026.0 V6EU+1.01V6 12/10/2023 0851ZNY
DX de AD6E28048.3 RM9I UA9 12/10/2023 0850ZCA
DX de AD6E28037.7 IK2PFL I 12/10/2023 0849ZCA
DX de AD6E28039.4 9A5D 9A 12/10/2023 0847ZCA
DX de W3LPL-37023.0 BA5ADHeard in CABY 12/10/2023 0847ZMD
DX de AD6E28037.2 SN5N SP 12/10/2023 0846ZCA
DX de VA3IWA28466.0 A41CKARRLA4 12/10/2023 0840ZON
DX de AD6E28024.3 LN8W LA 12/10/2023 0839ZCA
DX de AD6E28019.5 UA9MA UA9 12/10/2023 0839ZCA
DX de AD6E28007.9 UW3U UR 12/10/2023 0831ZCA
DX de AD6E28021.3 RX9WN UA9 12/10/2023 0830ZCA
DX de W3LPL-314048.0 SV5DKLHeard in NCSV5 12/10/2023 0827ZMD
DX de AD6E28055.7 ZS1C ZS 12/10/2023 0827ZCA
DX de AD6E28047.4 DR1D DL 12/10/2023 0825ZCA
DX de AD6E28032.2 E7DX E7 12/10/2023 0823ZCA
DX de AD6E28455.0 9A1Pheard in kh69A 12/10/2023 0818ZCA
DX de W3LPL-37030.0 3D2AGHeard in OR3D2 12/10/2023 0802ZMD
DX de N5BLM7074.7 VE2OPC VE 12/10/2023 0736ZMO
DX de W3LPL-310105.0 T32TTHeard in WIT32 12/10/2023 0732ZMD
DX de KE8KCZ7187.0 IK4GROEN83DD<>JN54MNI 12/10/2023 0731ZMI
DX de AD6E28017.9 YT8WWheard in kh6YU 12/10/2023 0718ZCA
DX de W3LPL-314033.0 SV5DKLHeard in NCSV5 12/10/2023 0716ZMD
DX de AD6E28002.8 RK4FDloud in kh6UA 12/10/2023 0715ZCA
DX de NX6T28028.3 WQ6XCWK 12/10/2023 0714ZCA
DX de AD6E28001.2 4X1VFheard in kh64X 12/10/2023 0714ZCA
DX de AD6E28061.4 YO9HPheard in KH6YO 12/10/2023 0712ZCA
DX de W3LPL-33561.0 EA6EJHeard in NHEA6 12/10/2023 0705ZMD
DX de KD5YCY7187.0 I5ZSSCDM I*I 12/10/2023 0659ZTX
DX de W3LPL-310126.0 Z68BGHeard in MDZ6 12/10/2023 0658ZMD


WWV de VE7CC<0900Z> SFI=128,A=3,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/R1
WWV de AE5E<0600Z> SFI=128,A=3,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/R1
WWV de AE5E<0300Z> SFI=128,A=3,K=1,Minor w/R1 -> Minor w/R1


Please switch and start using logging software telnet connections. Telnet to '' (port 7373) and login with your callsign. See connection details below and ARC6 cluster manual below. Skimmer Server Spots only available via NC7J telnet connections.

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On-Line Manual: ARC6 Telnet Commands - User Manual (Telnet Interface and CW Skimmer Spots)

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