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DX de K1DJ7036.6 F5INCWF 3/23/2023 0717ZMA
DX de K1DJ14039.6 PA3BUDCWPA 3/23/2023 0715ZMA
DX de KI7Y3533.4 WN7SCWK 3/23/2023 0715ZOR
DX de KI7Y3532.1 KF7WXCWK 3/23/2023 0714ZOR
DX de K1DJ14031.9 OZ1AARCWOZ 3/23/2023 0713ZMA
DX de K3MM3530.0 F5IN F 3/23/2023 0710ZMD
DX de K1DJ14037.1 OK5MCWOK 3/23/2023 0706ZMA
DX de AA1K-37023.1 CY0SQSX 7025.80CY0 3/23/2023 0706ZDE
DX de K1DJ14036.1 EA3FZTCWEA 3/23/2023 0706ZMA
DX de KI7Y7037.9 WU6PCWK 3/23/2023 0701ZOR
DX de K4ICQ14253.0 TI2VAI TI 3/23/2023 0657ZGA
DX de W9HBH7023.0 CY0S CY0 3/23/2023 0652ZIN
DX de W3LPL-310114.4 V31MAHeard in NYV3 3/23/2023 0651ZMD
DX de W3LPL-310109.0 EA6BBHeard in NHEA6 3/23/2023 0650ZMD
DX de VA2ZE14122.0 IK5YZZCQ DXI 3/23/2023 0645ZQC
DX de VA2ZE14188.0 EA3BEMcq VK-ZLEA 3/23/2023 0644ZQC
DX de K4ICQ14209.0 EA3AKP EA 3/23/2023 0643ZGA
DX de W3LPL-310105.0 EA6BBHeard in NHEA6 3/23/2023 0642ZMD
DX de W3LPL-314022.9 9X5RUHeard in QC9X 3/23/2023 0637ZMD
DX de K4ICQ14249.9 VK9NTVK9NT Dxpedition Bootcamp TeamVK9N 3/23/2023 0613ZGA
DX de W3LPL-310116.0 FK8IKHeard in WAFK 3/23/2023 0605ZMD
DX de KE9JX14260.0 ZL1KVA ZL 3/23/2023 0604ZFL
DX de KD6JEF-67074.0 VE7VUFT8 Sent: -09 Rcvd: -13VE 3/23/2023 0604ZCA
DX de WA7LNW14249.9 VK9NTGood signal in UtahVK9N 3/23/2023 0604ZUT
DX de KQ7A14253.0 JN2OWE73 MeeJA 3/23/2023 0603ZNV
DX de KM4SII14249.9 VK9NTTnx simplex - no pileupVK9N 3/23/2023 0600ZNC
DX de KU1CW14250.0 VK9NTUSBVK9N 3/23/2023 0557ZWA
DX de ND1C14074.0 D2UYFT8D2 3/23/2023 0552ZFL
DX de K8OB14259.9 VK9NT59 in MIVK9N 3/23/2023 0549ZMI
DX de W7CVI3523.0 CY0Sneed some love to 80MCY0 3/23/2023 0544ZWA
DX de N4BQQ14210.0 UA3QKA UA 3/23/2023 0544ZSC
DX de W3LPL-31825.4 V31MAHeard in MDV3 3/23/2023 0543ZMD
DX de K6IJ7023.0 CY0S7.75 Kc up CWCY0 3/23/2023 0540Z??
DX de K3FH7023.0 I1MMR I 3/23/2023 0535ZPA
DX de NS7U-114074.0 D2UY D2 3/23/2023 0535ZWA


WWV de VA6AAA<0600Z> SFI=159,A=17,K=2,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de VA6AAA<0300Z> SFI=159,A=17,K=1,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de VA6AAA<0000Z> SFI=159,A=17,K=1,No Storms -> Minor w/G1


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