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DX de VA2EBI14200.0 IW2CLMUSBI 5/18/2021 1937ZQC
DX de K4TR21074.0 EC1YP EA 5/18/2021 1931ZFL
DX de W3LPL-310127.0 AL7JKHeard in BC and WAKL 5/18/2021 1930ZMD
DX de W7AOF28074.0 9Y4DGsix band QSO, thank you.. 739Y 5/18/2021 1929ZNC
DX de W1JGS14195.0 G4NVF/M G 5/18/2021 1929ZMA
DX de K4TR21074.0 EC7DWP EA 5/18/2021 1929ZFL
DX de W5ETL18100.0 F6DZU F 5/18/2021 1928ZLA
DX de VA2EBI14195.0 G4NVFUSBG 5/18/2021 1927ZQC
DX de K4TR21074.0 EA3RT EA 5/18/2021 1925ZFL
DX de KC8YJJ18101.6 5Z4VJ 5Z 5/18/2021 1924ZOH
DX de WA1SXK28074.0 HB9GWJFT8 NEW ON BAND 73HB 5/18/2021 1922ZNC
DX de N5KB14052.8 WC7CCWK 5/18/2021 1922ZIA
DX de K4TR28074.0 EA3TI EA 5/18/2021 1919ZFL
DX de W3LPL-314035.9 9K2MUHeard in NH9K 5/18/2021 1918ZMD
DX de N1DFD14074.0 DC4MTcq ft8DL 5/18/2021 1917ZME
DX de K1XV14195.0 G4NVFSteve, bicycle mobileG 5/18/2021 1917ZVT
DX de N1DFD14074.0 US7VFFT8UR 5/18/2021 1916ZME
DX de W3LPL-318069.7 TZ4AMHeard in NHTZ 5/18/2021 1916ZMD
DX de KE3CT-1024898.0 F8FAZ F 5/18/2021 1916ZPA
DX de WD9HSY18102.3 5Z4VJFT8 2261 hz5Z 5/18/2021 1916ZIL
DX de VA2EBI14021.2 HA5JICWHA 5/18/2021 1913ZQC
DX de W1DQ18083.0 CT7/PA3GCU CT 5/18/2021 1912ZCT
DX de KC8YJJ18101.6 KP2B KP2 5/18/2021 1912ZOH
DX de N5KB14050.0 VA7HACWVE 5/18/2021 1908ZIA
DX de KC8YJJ18101.6 DG7LBB DL 5/18/2021 1906ZOH
DX de KC8YJJ18100.0 IT9CCB I 5/18/2021 1900ZOH
DX de KC8YJJ18101.6 IT9CCB I 5/18/2021 1858ZOH
DX de KG4TAH18150.0 F4HEC F 5/18/2021 1858ZNC
DX de K4TR28074.0 EA1DR EA 5/18/2021 1853ZFL
DX de WN3T18150.0 F4HECthanks FredF 5/18/2021 1851ZVA
DX de VE3WZI14209.0 EA3JE EA 5/18/2021 1847ZON
DX de W4PNY18081.8 5Z4VJCW5Z 5/18/2021 1846ZNC
DX de W3LPL-314034.0 9K2MUHeard in NH9K 5/18/2021 1840ZMD
DX de KB1JDY18157.5 TI2JS59 Ct tnxTI 5/18/2021 1838ZCT
DX de NA4DA28076.4 F6KHM F 5/18/2021 1838ZFL


WWV de VA6AAA<1800Z> SFI=75,A=6,K=1,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de AE5E<1500Z> SFI=75,A=6,K=2,No Storms -> Minor w/G1
WWV de VA6AAA<1200Z> SFI=75,A=6,K=2,No Storms -> Minor w/G1


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